Kigali City Tower

The 18-storey luxu­ry tower, the tall­est in Rwanda’s history, epito­mizes the Kigali skyline’s metamorphosis.

KCT, in the center of Ki­gali Central Business Dis­trict, clad in a smooth sili­cate glass skin, glazes with lustrous radiance, consum­ing the colours of the sky as they melt in the marvel glasses, casting the sky in brilliant shades of blue, grey, violet and orange. The building’s colours, virtually, change with the smiles, glows or the gloom of weather. But either way, you can’t mistaken the beauty of this new Kigali architectural monument. The main façade, facing Avenue du Commerce, is pampered with glass and steel, which, as you ascend towards the main lobby, past four levels of cars and wagons parking, you realize is pampered with glass—more glass, and tes­sellated white, grey and brown floor tiles making an interior that is gorgeously wrought as it smilingly un­folds before you.In fact the person I went with to give this story some breath commented thus; “The aura here makes it feel more like a luxury ho­tel than a commercial com­plex.” Couldn’t agree more.

The floodlights that wash the corridors and the angu­lar window bays all give an intimate feel to every space in the building. The Bauman Associ­ates, the architects behind the sky-high building took many things under consid­eration. As you read this, the building is 97 per cent complete due for official launching sooner. But the airs about the building are already ecstatic. Owned by a Rwandan, Hatari Sekoko with a 60% stake, and some foreign shareholders from Mau­ritius, The UK and Swit­zerland, the multimillion dollar establishment (esti­mated at $30 million) comes with a whole distinct emanation in the accommodation industry.“You see at first we in­tended to erect an intelli­gent building—that sees, talks and feels. But given the Kigali environment, we ended up with a smart building which falls be­tween the intelligent and the standard,” says Hatari Sekoko the Executive Di­rector of Doyelcy Limited, with a reasoned pride of strength. With the Smart build­ing that KCT is, it is able to communicate to a certain level of security. “With the technology being installed, tenants will be able to view what is happening in their offices or stores at any giv­en time—even when they are not in the country.

The CCTV system will be able to monitor all the time. A smoke detector is being placed in every room— and all these are directly linked to a 5-Star security room operating 24/7, with the personnel working in shifts. Massive monitoring screens are also being in­stalled in the security room. And that is not all as the Ex­ecutive new aura and Director enthuses. “At KCT we make it easy for our tenant to access the outside world. A tenant will find a telephone installed, high speed internet con­nected to different redun­dant fibre optics operators with direct connections to the sub-marine cables. All these will terminate their optic fibre to the KCT de­marcation point.

Once this is complete, then we shall purchase what they call bundles—all intended at providing high-speed data and telephony services at affordable rates.” The Tower has 26,000 m2 of built up space, with about 22,100m2 as rent­able. The tenants targeted will benefit greatly from the infrastructure so in­stalled. “The Tower will offer extremely high-end business lifestyle. Retail­ers, office space occupi­ers and service providers will all have an interactive style,” considers Sekoko. About the potential ten­ants? “A variety. KCT of­fers premium-quality fa­cilities for nearly every type of business. A split-level four-storied park­ing bay and a commercial center housing over 10,000 square meters of retail, in­cluding NAKUMATT Su­permarket and more than 60 other shops, the center will make life easier for the Kigali shoppers,” notes a KCT employee.

And that is not all. Kigali City Tower will also host banks, day-care centers, restaurants, Bourbon Cof­fee, sports and fitness facil­ities and a movie theater, in addition to 740 square meters of exhibition space. The buzz goes all the way to the top floor, where a high-end restaurant and nightclub will occupy the 18th floor and terraced roof. According to infor­mation from the KCT ar­chives; “The building’s commercial center repre­sents the heart of the entire development and is de­signed to host a variety of facilities on five floor levels operating virtually on a 24- hour basis.”

Hatari Sekoko adds; “The top-tower will have a high-end restaurant dubbed the Signature Chef, with the magnificent view of Kigali city, and to be served with a basement Night Life Pub to complete the whole en­chilada of day and night leisure.” Doyelcy Limited, the holding company of Ki­gali City Tower is a proud winner of the Rwanda De­velopment Board New In­vestor Award. How does it feel, I ask Mr Sekoko, to win such a prestigious honour even before you open up the gates? “It is an encouragement and a sign that when you have a vision, you trans­late it into reality, and with unwavering focus you can get there. It also, in totali­ty, means a lot to entrepre­neurs and developers— that an effort always pays back.

This project has been implemented in phases, but now a formerly empty space is occupied by this complex entity.” With this enormous whizz of activity, tenants and their clients clamour­ing for parking, is KCT ready to handle? “Catered for!” Declares Sekoko with a knowing smile splashed across his, again, know­ing face. “There is a split-level four-storied parking bay. This accommodates about 300 cars. May be I can add that there is also a Public Announcement Sys­tem, at all levels, so if there arises any need for instant communication—whether somebody has got lost, a suspicious person to be sought out—anything, that system comes in handy.”

“And in case of the inter­mittent power supplies, a 1.2MW generator has been secured. So, much of the infrastructure is in place, and over 99 per cent of the work, as you can see, is com­plete. Much of the ground space—for retailing, bank­ing, night-club, and oth­ers, has been booked. So, interested tenants should book now. Thank you for coming,” the 50 year old Sekoko, father of six, ends our conversation with a firm handshake.


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