Driving in Rwanda

Do you love self drive adventures? Is Rwanda your favorite safari destination that you want to spend your next vacation while on self drive tour? With self drive tours, visitors are entirely involved in their own adventure which is a great deal for them to explore in and around a new destination of their choice whether Rwanda or Rwanda. For memorable self drive adventures in East Africa, our fleets of cars that are readily available for hire, count all your travel interests covered as we have variety for you to make the best choice. When it comes to adventures in East Africa, you simply go beyond Uganda borders to Rwanda to explore what this remarkable country also has on offer for the world and our unbeatable 4wheel drive cars are the best option for you to realize your dreams in Africa today. Ideally, it is everyone’s concern to visit the new destination and return to their home country safely and peacefully and that is why you need to be keen in that driving from East African countries may not be the same like that in your home country. For visitors who are interested in self drive adventures in Rwanda, below are some of the Do’s and Don’ts that you need to take some care while exploring the rare mountain gorillas, stunning sceneries, savanna wildlife species and its remarkable thousand misty hills.

Do not drive when you are tired

If you are interested in self drive adventures, make sure you are very fine and avoid driving when you are very tired otherwise this can cost your life or you will find yourself causing road accidents and this can turn as a severe cost to you which you never planned for. Having enough rest isn’t a problem but it is one way for you to refresh the mind and where need be, give your colleague to also take over but make sure that he has a valid driving permit.

Avoid drinking and driving

Whereas self drive adventures are very exciting, your excitement should have a limit because alcohol can destabilize your mind while you are on road and at the end you will incur extra costs that you never planned for.

Don’t drive empty stomach

Starving yourself isn’t a good idea at all as this will cause distraction you and hence increase road accidents along the way unless you are only heading to nearby restaurant then it is acceptable to drive empty stomach.

Observe all traffic rules and regulations

As you drive through various routes in Rwanda you will come across various road signs spelling out specific rules and regulations for you to observe. Never ignore any traffic law as this will make you stay safe while you enjoy your adventure.

You should know when you are to make breaks

Whereas others may feel like supermen, take note that even robots can rest and equally you also need to take some breaks after a long strenuous drive. This will make you maintain that physical and mental wellness while you embark on your long distant trip in Rwanda or even Uganda. Take half an hour to 1 hour’s to have yourself rest.

Switch driving among yourselves

If you know that you are traveling for longer hours or many days, the best idea is for you to keep changing amongst yourselves. By doing this, you will have a chance to make your eyes have enough rest and also enjoy the entire journey.

Familiarize yourself with the vehicle

Having knowledge of the car that you are going to use for your safari is the best way for you to enjoy your adventures on remotest areas of Rwanda or Uganda. You may land in a traffic jam and you will need to turn on air conditioners or reprogram the car radio but unfortunately you are alone and you have no knowledge about the car settings or you will be at emergency and you want to use emergency control systems.

Cross check your car prior taking off

It hurts for you to find yourself in the middle of the traffic jam and the car breaks down, we have seen most people undergoing through this situations. Take time and thoroughly check through all mechanical issues in that car that you intend to use and avoid being disappointed on the way.

Be aware of bad weather roads                                              

Like most African roads Rwanda’s routes may not be a 100% perfect to your standards. Therefore never be on a hurry like there is no tomorrow and you want to “reach” fast faster than even air, take your time and be take note of weather patterns. It can rain any time and things can change especially with murram roads where most of African national parks are situated, slowing down is the best idea for you to navigate through the muddy roads.

Never receive mobile phone calls at the same time when you are driving

Most people are fond of doing this and the largest numbers of them have also fallen culprits of road accidents. The journey can exciting and you feel like you should text a friends or family members back home, be patient and wait till you reach and you will have enough time to do all these things at once. This will safe guard you from falling into trenches and you end up injuring yourself. We value your life and it is our happiness to see you return safely to your home country.

Always put on your seat belts

Whereas most people tend to ignore this, but at the end of the journey you will realize the value of wearing a seat belt at all times. It is not a punishment for you to wear a seat but it is for your own safety.

Mind about other road users

Being on the road doesn’t mean that you are the only who is supposed to use it. Take note of other road users like cyclists, pedestrians, cattle, business people, school children and many more.

In conclusion, self drive safaris are entirely adventure experiences that you shouldn’t miss out in Rwanda. There is a lot more for you to enjoy while on your safari and you won’t regret spending a vacation in this most remarkable country which filled with several rolling hills.


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