Covid 19 Response

In a threatened epoch where the covid-19 vaccine has still eluded our most effective scientists and undermined the supremacy and contemporary advancements of the medical world, the rank and file across the globe watch with extreme fret and yet at the same time, areas that have been ravaged by a threat of terrorism and political upheavals somewhat are hemmed in the thought that this health crisis would atleast pave way for peace and sanity.

The initial pandemic outbreak did not pose a threat to some global enemies like Iran and America where the former’s government had manifested plans to attain vengeance for the loss of their leader Qasem Soleimani whose death was ubiquitously celebrated in all American-influenced dominions. However, the later spread of the virus to both countries was an inevitable call to humanitarian de-escalation by the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres so as to handle the health crisis.

However, as the Iran-American antagonism seems to be on a break, Muslim extremism continues to be manifested by other terrorists movements like the ISIS. The latest reports of the group’s newsletter Alnaba have created a new threat of peace to global enemies. The Alnaba showed the common programmatic lines that the leaders suggested for affiliates like in West Africa. It continued to site that the covid-19 would act to atomise and divide the crusaders whom the ISIS terms as Polytheists. The leaders said that they would show no mercy to the infidels who have shed innocent Muslim blood like in ISIS controlled area of Baghouz, Mosul and Sirte’s Libya, despite the existing pandemic.

The ISIS rhetoric was also manifested when they termed the Corona virus as one endemic to western powers and that Muslim states that had suffered significant attack of the disease were being punished by Allah for carrying out idolatry, most notable the shitte Muslims of Iran.

The Jihadists believe that the enemy will be handicapped and this will reduce the American threat to the Mujahedeen in the coming period. The newsletter concluded by saying that it was the noble obligation of all its group members to please Allah through carrying out the holy wars commonly knows as Jihads especially in a period when enemy is more burdened with saving its population and mitigating an economic recession.

This unsurprising ISIS philosophy becomes an antithesis of the values underpinning UN’s secretary general Antonio Guterres’ humanistic appeal.International crisis group

As humans contemplate on the lethal disease and seek to attain better partnerships to thwart its spread, there’s still a big number of insensitive beings whose bellicose has inspired continued incitement of violence. We see the deadly impact of religious superstitions that have instead strayed man from God. As nations across the globe adopt the lock down system, it is high time man appreciated humanity and her dignity and realised the need to make amends and improve our socioeconomic and political air. I hope nations can respect the civic space and instead of upholding tyranny and torture, may they value the freedom of their people since there’s now a more perilous threat that knows no man or race.


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