Bahrain Ignored

The ongoing Middle East Protests have been eclipsed by the unfolding Syrian disaster, but continues while the rest of the world is focused elsewhere. Most people from this small peninsular are demanding for their basic rights and a change in government from an autocratic monarchy to a constitutional representation with democratically elected representation at all levels. The current monarchy is not keen to this proposal for fear of losing power to future elected representatives. The current Bahrain regime has asked for military support from their neighboring Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia to quell the pre-planned political protests. They argue political demonstrations are illegal and intended to over through the government. This pretext was used to declare three months of martial law and emergence rule and any public gatherings or demonstrating are considered illegal. The monarchy is from the minority Sunni who have ruled for centuries in this oil rich Kingdom.

Shias the majority population have been discriminated and subjected by minority Sunnis who prefer the status quo of privilege. Shias are discriminated in all aspects of live and are not eligible for employment in any sensitive position. The same is true in the oil rich Eastern Saudi Arabia where Shias live, though the minorities in population size are a significant number but have been discriminated for centuries on religious grounds.

All Sunni dominated countries in the Middle East are paranoid of Iran which is Shia majority and a theocracy and has militarily risen to become a challenge to the greater Middle East.

Sunnis fear and dislike Iran, and is projected to their minority Shia populations even in legitimate cases when demanding denied basic rights. Their demands are always seen through the Iran prism of fear, and the possibility of Shias raising into power elsewhere in the Middle East.

Surprisingly the international democratic and human rights bullhorns are conspicuously silent and absent from the Bahrain debate. The world is acting indifferent to Bahraini people as they demand for their basic rights and dignity. Internationally, Nations are fatigued by recent political upheavals in the Middle East and more focused on pressing economic problems. Bahrain, Libya, Syria and Yemen are left to fend for themselves.

Bahrain is close and strategic to Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and to the oil rich Middle East. It is also not far from Iran, a perennial concern to many for its military raise. For reasons and changing world events make Bahrain a safe bet.


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