Maverick RNC coordinator in Uganda’s Capital Kampala, Rugema Kayumba has let the cat-out-of-the-bag by publically admitting he’s a proud associate of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI)

Though the confirmation of his relations with CMI is not necessarily big news, the surprising part is that a national security organ (CMI) can accept a fugitive of a neighboring state to openly confess about their illegal dealings in trying to mount a rebellion.

His work with CMI was largely brought to limelight by Rwandans previously kidnapped in Uganda, who continue to give chilling accounts of how Rugema operates freely framing cases against innocent Rwandans and overseeing the illegal kidnaps.

On his facebook post late Thursday, Rugema who was parroting the same tired propaganda on alleged refugee killings, confirmed that to promote his campaign he “will continue” to work with CMI.

In the post he said “–I will not only work with CMI but will be part of them.”

Their campaign is to fake refugee harassment alleged committed by Kigali as a cover up for their clandestine recruitment drive of young Rwandan youth into RNC rebel ranks.

The propaganda is also a desperate attempt to keep Rwandan refugees as hostages especially after December 31,2017 UN cessation clause ending refugee status for Rwandans.

Though witness accounts have previously confirmed the link between Rugema and CMI, it is surprising that he now openly brags on social media about his ties with a legitimate national security institution.

It is said Rugema carries riffles in his car and occasionally has military escorts attached to CMI.

Rugema, a Corporal who deserted from RDF is married to a Muhima lady called Peace Rugema, a trader in Kampala. He works closely with one, Corporal Abdul Karim Mulindwa a.k.a Mukombozi a CMI operative (RA 189654) who reports directly to Chief of CMI.


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