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If you have ever found yourself stranded after flight cancellation but unfortunately, you didn’t have an option then let it be the last time you experience it. A one-way car rental offers ideal option for persons whose flights have been cancelled or if you would like to go cross-country to spend your holiday. Here are some tips on how you can rent a one-way car for your next Uganda road trip.

Check through prices & compare

Finding a one-way car rental in Uganda can be easier as it is a case with other round-trip car hire. However, checking through various one-way car rental companies’ website on what rates each offers can help you make comparisons. As a result, you can find the best one-way car rental deal with better offers. At the back of your mind, you should take note that each one-way car hire company has its own set rates.

Avoid hiring from the airport

Renting a one-way car at the airport can be a convenient option to others but if your budget doesn’t allow, then the best is to deal with outside car rental companies. Most car rentals at the airport are hired out at higher rates yet when you get out of the airport, there are many car rental companies offering the most affordable rates. What is essential is ensure that you are flexible-take a walk a few meters away from the airport.

The car rental services at the airport tend to be expensive because of extra fees the companies do pay. Its those bills or extra fees they pay to the airport authorities that tend to hike the total amount one pays when hiring their cars.

Take note of extra fees/hidden charges

Getting excited for a good daily rate is one thing and bumping into extra/hidden fees is another significant factor you need to sort out before. Ask your one-car rental agency if their hidden charges so as not to be taken by surprise when presented with final rate higher than your expectations. Some car rental companies tend not to disclose such charges till you make booking but this can be avoided if you inquired.

You can’t find one-way car rentals everywhere

If you are interested in one-way rental cars, bear in mind that not every big car rental agency/company you know in town or city with so many branches do offer one-way car hire services in all those branches. One office may not be offering one-way trip yet another one very close does provide.


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