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Uganda is one of the best places to any holidaymaker shouldn’t miss to visit when it comes to unforgettable African safari experiences. Aside from its natural endowments, this is the most liberal country also considered to be one of the world’s friendliest nations. While on a Uganda safari, visitors have less to worry about that perhaps could cause trouble.

Ugandans themselves are kind people and warm welcoming making visitor interaction easier while in the city and remote destinations. Whether you plan to go gorilla safari in the finest Bwindi Impenetrable forest or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or wildlife tours in Murchison Falls game park and other savanna destinations, expect to get the remarkable treatment from locals.

But while on a road trip in Uganda –the Pearl of Africa, there are lots of things to do or not to do. Observing these dos and don’ts in Uganda will make visitors interaction simpler and create incredible memories.

The Dos and Don’ts in Uganda

  • Always keep your passport and money safe and secure they are within your reach whether you are in the lodge, hotel, or guesthouse or taking a troll around the city. Your passport acts as your identity and money can save you when in need of anything. Uganda has a lot for tourists to explore and experience before and while in their favorite destinations for a vacation.
  • Provide active email addresses to those who request for them and from whom you don’t mind receiving emails from. From the very start of planning your road trip, your email becomes your tool for connecting with your tour operator on the ground. As soon as you click on the company website, the email to send the message should be active or if you used other modes and you are asked to provide your email address, ensure that you have availed the one that is active.
  • Teamwork is key in everything you do in Uganda. Even if you are on a guided or self drive Uganda safari, working with the company team is essential. There could be a lot that you do not know being first-time or even a repeat visitor.
  • Have sunscreen while outside, especially if it is a sunny day. Uganda’s weather is different from that of most destinations. Some places can experience hot sunshine while others tend to be cold.
  • Take a lot of water to stay hydrated. Do this not only while you are engaged in adventures such as gorilla trekking or mountaineering but at all times.
  • Insect repellent is essential to keep you safe from biting insects such as testes flies and mosquitoes.
  • Feel free to take as many pictures as you can but first, inquire if it is allowed to take photos in some buildings.
  • Carry current dollar bills(right now in Uganda they accept dollars of series 2009 and above) and take note that small bills attract low rates.
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and clean prior to eating.
  • Always demonstrate respect to the locals, their culture and heritage.

The Don’ts in Uganda

  1. Do not take pictures of security personnel and installations. This doesn’t apply only to Uganda but also worldwide. Taking photos of nation’s security personnel and installation is highly prohibited. There is a cost that comes with it if caught doing so. This also applies to some big bridges over water that are usually manned by the military –in such areas as the Nile River bridge in Jinja, Karuma Falls, it is always good to inquire if it is allowed to take pictures.
  2. Wearing skimpy –while there is freedom of dress code, avoid dressing in a manner that reveals your skin and this usually applies to female tourists. This is considered immoral and besides, it may draw excitement leading to sexual harassment. Dress well and in a respectful manner.
  3. Public show of affection such as kissing- while it is okay to kiss your partner in public in some countries, most African countries prohibit it and considered as immoral. You can hug or handshake and where need be to kiss, you can find a private place say a hotel to express your love moments.
  4. Do not drink the tap water –find bottled water.
  5. Avoid taking a random boda-boda –while motorcycles are the quickest way to connect to your area, do not be tempted to bump into any boda-boda. Some ride recklessly which puts you at risk of road accidents. The best boda-boda is the safe boda riders, all you have to do is to download the safe boda app and order your boda-boda at your convenience.
  6. There is plenty to eat while in Uganda but avoid eating anything you find in the streets. There are places to have your meals –good restaurants or hotels.


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