East Africa Tourist Visa

The East African Community sectoral committee on Tourism has decided to market East Africa’s tourism collectively, a single EAC tourism visa has been established for Uganda Kenya and Tanzania.

Each of these countries will be charging $50,the move is aimed at boosting the region’s tourism and ease the financial strain faced by budget tourists who have to pay multiple visas.

“It is possible that we shall have a single regional tourist visa since we have managed to develop a single customs union thus far. As we continue to implement the regional common market protocol,” he said at the opening of a three-day Karibu Travel and Tourism Fair held at the Magereza open grounds in Arusha, Tanzania.

The campaign to have a single EAC visa followed a call by tourism boards in the EAC partner states for the speeding up of the promotion of the region as a single tourist destination. Therefore, the recent fourth meeting of the EAC Sectoral Council on Tourism and Wildlife Management, held in Mombasa, came as a relief to many as it reviewed progress on the establishment of a single EAC tourist visa.

Source: East Africa Travel Guide


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