Female Travelers Visiting Uganda

The magical wildlife, soaring mountains, warm and friendly people, numerous natural treasures, a wide array of bird species, and everything in-between makes Uganda one of the most riveting safari destinations in the world for female travelers. Whether you are traveling into the country for business or leisure, we bring you the different ways on how to stay safe if you are to visit Uganda when you travel as a female;

Always make advance bookings

There is nothing embarrassing and stressful than showing up in a particular safari destination or accommodation facility at night without making necessary bookings. Making a prior booking at places of stay helps to avoid any unwanted situations like being stranded.

Dress decently and if possible like a local

In your opinion or that of any conventional traveler, it makes sense when women are given the freedom to dress in any way they like wherever they travel to but that is not the case with tours to Uganda. This makes it easier to blend in and if it means covering your hair, just do it or even wearing loose clothes and long-sleeved, it wouldn’t cost you anything. It is for this reason that you need to first conduct research as a female traveler to get acquainted with the local norms.

Avoid moving alone after dark in quiet places

Avoid quiet and isolated places or streets that are known for unpleasant incidents or high crime rates. As a female traveler to Uganda, it is crucial to stick to public places with many people especially shopping centers, Arcades, malls with the presence of private security in case of attacks. Wherever possible, you can walk in groups and most likely with at least one local.

Learn to always read prevailing situations

As a female traveler in Uganda, it is really vital to learn to read prevailing situations and trust your judgment. If you ever feel uneasy or nervous about something, stay away from it even when some people will view it as being rude or offensive. Keeping safe is the most important thing during your trip hence never take anything for granted.

Don’t get drunk

Becoming overly drunk when traveling as a female is totally not safe as you openly subject yourself to different kinds of troubles.

Be aware of your environment and avoid secluded areas

Another way to stay safe in Uganda when you travel as a female is always being observant of suspicious people or vehicles that appear to be trailing you and if you are certain that you are being followed, continue to an open place like a mall or restaurant then inform security personnel on-site who will then alert Police on 999 tol free. Never leave drinks unattended in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs as drinks are spiked and to be safer, make sure to move with a trusted local when going out.

Never tell people where you are staying

When you travel as a female and you happen to meet new people (especially social gatherings such as bars. Restaurants, supermarkets, and malls), never mention where you live no matter how friendly they seem. They really don’t need to know the name of the Hotel or Safari Lodge and even when you make plans to meet, make sure it is within a mutual point. Although nothing happens, it is just to be cautious.

Avoid openly displaying valuable and safely keep them at home/Hotel

Valuables such as jewelry, cameras, laptops, and iPad must not be displayed in public areas because they draw unnecessary attention and bring about theft or robbery. If you keep them at home, make sure that the room door is properly locked and if in the Hotel, make sure to keep them in the room safe (if offered) or at the front desk. Similarly, avoid carrying large sums of cash when moving in public places. Tourists are unfortunately targets and therefore make sure not to draw unnecessary attention.

Do not be “forward” wherever possible

In African culture, women with outgoing character are perceived to be “forward”. Behavior like maintaining direct eye contact, freely walking down the street, being friendly and chatty with people especially in markets and shops as well as wearing tight clothes are all seen as being forward. Travelers are therefore advised to lean on the side of caution to avoid men thinking you are trying to woo them or draw


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