Driving in Western Uganda

7 tips for driving in Uganda: Driving in a new destination like Uganda can be exciting but comes with its own challenges. Uganda is one of the safest destinations in Africa, offering plenty for tourists to explore and experience. However, Ugandan roads aren’t up to the international standards, but at least in a better state according to East African standards. Is it your first time driving on Ugandan roads?

Here are the 7 tips for driving in Uganda

Drive defensively

Defensive driving is key while on Ugandan roads. While on-road, all categories of people can be met including the notorious mini-bus, taxi drivers, etc who often want to overtake even on blind corners. This is one of the many threats you are likely to encounter when driving in Uganda and you must be extra careful because they often don’t mind about speed limits cautions or blind corners.

Never drive at night

Driving at night is really risky and what is important is to ensure that you get to your destination early enough. Driving at night comes with its own challenges including dozing off because perhaps you are tired leading to road accidents or you may bump into highway robbers.

Speed limit

Always respect the speed limits when driving in Uganda. On the highway, always keep within 80km/h, 50kms/hr in urban centers. Avoid over speeding because it has proven to be one of the main causes of road accidents not only in Uganda but in most places.

Observe the traffic signs

Always observe traffic road signages- this will save you from being caught by traffic officers for disrespect of rules. Every traffic road sign communicates something and not observing them may lead to road accidents. The different signages include zebra crossing, speed limit, no parking, traffic lights, and more.

Don’t drink and drive(Alcoholic drinks)

Driving when drunk has been sighted as one of the causes of road accidents. For a safe, comfortable, and memorable self drive Uganda road trip, avoid drinking and driving or if you like, have a little drink while at the accommodation when you have finally reached your destination. There are several stopover bars, restaurants, and hotels, there are high chances you may get tempted- try as much as you can to keep your appetite low. On the other side, most car rental Uganda companies, highly prohibit you from drinking since the insurance will not cover the damages caused onto or by the car if you were found under the influence of alcohol.

Keep left when driving

When driving in Uganda, always keep on the left-hand side. It is one rule to be observed at all times while on a road trip or self-drive tour to any of your destinations in Uganda- The Pearl of Africa. If it is your first time driving in Uganda, better even if you do practice before earlier- this is especially for solo or self-drive travelers visiting for self-drive safaris.

Carry valid driving permits/licenses

Valid driver permits are essential if you are considering driving in Uganda. For foreign travelers interested in self-drive safaris in Uganda, you may need a valid international driver’s license. Or you can get an authorization letter/document that allows you to drive on Ugandan roads- have one to avoid the vehicle being pounded.


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