Air Kenya

Air Kenya, a Nairobi based airline has announced that they will commence flights between Kenya’s Masai Mara and Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The airline is looking to providing direct flights between the two popular East African Parks.

Bwindi is a renowned home to most of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas that live in the “dark forest”.

The airline will fly passengers from the Masai Mara to Kisumu for customs and immigration clearance, then proceed across Lake Victoria to Entebbe International Airport. From Entebbe, Air Kenya’s Ugandan partner airline will carry the passengers on to the Savannah Airfield in Kihihi within the northern Bwindi.

This move has been welcomed by East African Tour Operators who offered safaris in East Africa. It will make organizing a combined tour of Masai Mara and Bwindi Forest easier.

The CEO of Air Kenya, Capt. Dino Bisleti established that: ‘Never before has such connection ever been possible. Airkenya and AeroLink will provide a seamless connection from Kenya to Uganda and vice versa. Our customers will no longer require to travel to Nairobi spend a night in the City and connect to Entebbe next day. What a time saver!

Better Connectivity for East Africa

Prof. Thome Wolgang of ATC news established that similar connections have been available to connect the best East African parks. A connection between Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kigali is available being operated by Coastal Aviation. Visitors from Serengeti fly to Kigali via Mwanza to Kigali for gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.


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