East Africa is made up of six countries and these include; Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and lately South Sudan. Each of these countries has something unique to offer regarding safaris. Visiting one country might deny you the chance to explore more interesting stuff in the neighboring countries. East Africa tours that let you visit three or four of these countries might turn out more satisfactory too; something you should consider at all odds.

In this article I break down what each of these East African destinations has to offer also sighting out some of their wonders.

Uganda is primarily known for mountain gorillas. Apparently it has the shelters the highest population of these endangered species in its forests of Bwindi and Mgahinga. These gorillas are available for tourism all year at a standard cost of $700 for permits. Uganda’s gifts go past this. Southwest in Masindi lies Murchison Falls – the most explosive waterfalls in the whole world. This waterfall is the centerpiece of Murchison Falls National Park, the largest and oldest safari park in Uganda. The popular Kibale Forest Park is known to have the highest concentration of primates in the whole world. It is a prime destination for Chimpanzee trackers. Uganda will reward you the best primate experience in the whole world.

Rwanda comes second to Uganda regarding the population of Mountain Gorillas. Rwanda gorillas inhabit Volcanoes National Park, a centerpiece of the Rwanda tourism industry. Unlike Uganda, Rwanda offers a better luxurious Mountain Gorilla trekking experience. Their permits cost $1500 each irrespective of your nationality. Much as there are multiple safari activities to engage in, your primary reason for visiting Rwanda should be mountain gorillas.

Kenya’s wealth of wildlife and immense landscapes are, quite simply, iconic. The true imagery of an African safari comes to life as you wander through the lounging plains of the Maasai Mara or take a drive in the shadows of Africa’s roof – Mount Kilimanjaro. The country’s herds of wildlife reward breathtaking opportunities for wildlife viewing. From the stunning beaches of the Indian Ocean through to its vibrant cities, and out into the unspoiled bush, Kenya a lot to offer both first timers and returning clients. Some of the porpular safaris in Kenya are 3 day Masai Mara Safaris.

Tanzania’s wilderness defines a true beauty of wildlife. Over 70% of the country is protected for wildlife and tourism. Tanzania has 7 of the world and some of the wonders of the world. Your primary visit should be wildlife viewing and maybe mountain climbing or beach holidays in Zanzibar. Tanzania safaris reward one of the finest feelings of wildlife viewing in Africa.

When you book an East Africa Safari, you will enjoy remarkable gorilla trekking experience in Uganda and Rwanda then exceptional wildlife viewing experiences in Kenya and Tanzania. You will get to visit some of the world heritage sites and wonders of the world.


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