If it’s your first time to rent a car, chances are high that you will have doubts about the system. Questions relating to its reliability is always unavoidable. However, you will be surprised (or possibly not) that Uganda car rentals have been essential and unavoidable throughout the years. Have you ever been caught up in the middle of a breakdown and tow your car to the Garage and have no way to get to your destination or back home? This is when rental cars come in handy. Additionally, you might needs a car for getting around on trips that are very far away from home. For instance, you will definitely have to rent a car for your road trip in Uganda, especially if you are a foreign visitor.

It will interest you to know that our Rental Cars are normally neat, effective, cozy, and efficient and most importantly provide one of the smoothest rides you will ever ask for during a Uganda safari. Back to the question of whether Rental Cars are reliable? The answer is yes. First of all, we usually conduct regular car maintenance to make certain that our clients receive the most unforgettable driving experience, in addition to receiving the value for their money. While we provide the necessary vehicle maintenance, some Companies don’t and therefore we recommend checking customer reviews prior to choosing a particular car rental company to ascertain whether they provide their customers with reliable rental cars.

When it comes to the general condition of our Rental cars, we have been tried and tested to be one of the best in the industry. For instance, majority of our Cars have low mileages, of not more than 50,000 miles. Majority of our Rental cars are not more than 5 years on the road. In addition to cars being relatively new, we ensure proper maintenance that range from the regular ones like oil change from time to time, changing power steering fluid, changing tranny fluid and many others.

Another reason why our rental cars are reliable is owing to the fact that we usually inspect the vehicles on a regular basis. We do so to ensure that the vehicles are in good condition before renting them out to anyone. As protocol, we always give customers the chance to personally check our rental cars for any scratches, breakages and dents, and even take photos before taking them and then another inspection is done when vehicles are returned. Usually, minor scratches as well as dents because of wear and tear are inevitable.

Additionally, at no particular time shall we or have we ever rented out our cars when dirty. We make sure that both interior and exterior of the cars are thoroughly washed and this has made our cars presentable and reliable among customers. For this reason, most (if not all) of our customers have never complained that our Rental cars are looking dirty.

Important advice: Take cheap Rental cars with a pinch of salt because majority of them will offer drivers with cheaper rates because of their sub-standard services. Majority of these Companies have old cars and undertake less regular maintenance, although they also inspect their cars. However, you can’t disregard them completely because some of them are good and genuinely cheap. The best way to go about it is first checking their reviews online. In so doing, you will be able to understand from other people’s experiences on whether that particular Company is good or not.

Are Rental Cars reliable for cross-country road trips?

The fact that our Rental cars are reliable enough for intracity road trips means they are also perfect for the cross-country self-drives. Interestingly, majority of your cars are rented for cross-country road trips, especially to the National Parks that are most cases remote with literally bad roads.

What happens in the event of a car breakdown?

In case of car breakdowns within Kampala, it is very easy to replace, although some documents have to be signed to avoid being held accountable for something you are not responsible for. It should be stated clearly that you aren’t responsible for the breakdown and when it is done, you can continue with your road trip. For breakdowns upcountry, we can send a replacement vehicle, but this might take longer time, considering the fact that we don’t have branches in other parts of the country.


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