During a press conference for the 2nd Annual Digital Africa Conference Dr. Evans Woherem chairman of Digital Africa Global Consults said that Africa is lagging behind in technology acquisition and adoption compared to other continents.

According to him America, Europe and Asia are quicker than Africa in acquisition and adoption of available and developed technologies.

“As at today, the most exciting ICT business opportunities lie in Africa and the Middle East. To get to the level of technological competence of the rest of the world, African countries need to run faster than they are doing so far. This requires for our leaders to comprehend that reality and develop a sense of urgency for the development of technology and the economy.” he said.

He said there is a difference between using technologies invented and innovated by another country and actually being the inventing country.

“It is more rewarding to be one of the key inventing and innovating countries of the world in technology. This is what I mean as technological competence. In other words, it is not the mere purchase and use of technologies invented from abroad or technological diffusion. Although Africa had traditionally lagged behind in certain critical economic sectors, ICT is clearly a bright spot for the continent that must be seized to move the continent ahead confidently.” he continued to say.

If Africa consumed what developed, it would be a great improvement in the technology sector of this continent and the world.

The Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition will take place May 20-22, 2014.


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