It’s sad news in Tanzania! A troop of monkeys invaded a village and snatched a month old baby.

It has been reported that the baby was being breastfed when the primates snatched him away in Mwamgongo village in Kigoma, near the Gombe Nation Park in western Tanzania.

The mother of the baby has been identified as Shayim.

According to local reports, Shayim was breastfeeding the baby outside her house on Saturday afternoon when the troop of monkeys invaded the home and snatched the baby attempting to run away with the boy.

Upon the troop snatching the baby, the mother screamed for help and villagers rushed to her house to assist her in getting her child.

At neighbor’s rescue, they had to use force to get the baby back from monkeys, the baby was injured on the head and neck. Then he was rushed to the nearby hospital for medical attention but died while receiving treatment.

The monkey then responded aggressively and the the baby was injured on the head and neck.

The baby later passed away as he was receiving treatment.

The Kigoma Regional Police Commander James Manyama has urged citizens to continue to be vigilant against monkeys crossing from the Gombe national park. He adds on that in his three years of working in the area he had never heard of a similar incident.

Incidents of larger wild animals, such as elephants, encroaching on the land of villages near national parks and resulting in some deaths have been known.


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