South Sudan refugees are forced to return home and fight as conditions in refugee camps are not favourable and worry of families left behind creep on them.

According to AFP, a one Paul Kuon said ”there is no choice… we will not give up, we will continue fighting,” said Kuon, a member of one rebel force that is fighting against the government.

Paul Kuon escaped from South Sudan was brutal as he was forced to dodge gunfire as he trekked with his wife and two young children. Now two months down the road, he wants to go back and fight

“What was done by the government in Juba is not correct, they tried to kill each individual, brothers and sisters were killed,” he told AFP, standing among hundreds of refugees under a cloud of buzzing flies, in a rapidly growing camp just across the border in western Ethiopia’s Gambella region.

Despite the brutal suffering the war has caused — displacing nearly one million people, many without sufficient food or medical care — troops have refused to lay down their arms, violating a ceasefire deal signed in January. Slow moving peace talks between the government and rebels failed to resume as scheduled on Thursday in the comfort of a high-end hotel in the Ethiopian capital, although mediators insisted they would restart soon. So far they have made not enough progress.

South Sudan’s government has been at war with rebel groups since December 15, when a clash between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and those backing sacked vice-president Riek Machar descended into full-scale fighting. The conflict has taken on an ethnic dimension, with the Dinka people –Kiir’s tribe and the country’s biggest — largely allying with the government against Nuer forces loosely tied to Machar.


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