One of the significant features about the first lady of East Africa Bashment crew, Nazizi is her her long dreads and light skinned colour.

However, as you read this, the female reggae has lost one of these and guess which it is? She has actually joined a multitude of artists who have shaven off their dreads. The singer Wednesday hit the saloon and had her dreads cut off.

Nazizi, Wyre and Bebe Cool make up the East African Bashment Crew. The crew is behind hits like Fire Anthem, Africa Unite, Kube and Combination, a song that they did with Ugandan dancehall singer, Peter Miles and Menshan.

Meanwhile, Nazizi joins other artists like Uganda’s Emperor Orlandoh, Shanks Vivid, Rasta Rob, Ras B Sali among others who have had their dreads cut off. Singer Bobi Wine too had part of his dreads cut off, leaving only the center of his head with hair.


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