President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya has today signed into law the Marriage Bill 2014 which gives men the liberty to marry as many wives as they want and without any consultations with their partners.

The Marriage Act 2014 defines various types of marriages including monogamous, polygamous, customary, Christian, Islamic and Hindu marriages.

The Act, which consolidates various laws relating to marriage, provides procedures for separation and divorce. It also regulates the custody and maintenance of children in the event of separation and divorce.

According to the Act, marriage is the voluntary union of a man and a woman whether in a monogamous or polygamous union registered under the Act. It states that parties to a marriage have equal rights and obligations at the time of marriage, during the marriage and at the dissolution of the marriage. All marriages registered under the Act have the same legal status.

The National Assembly passed the marriage bill on 21 March and it had since been awaiting presidential assent.

Kenyatta has also signed into Law the Heroes Bill. The Heroes Act provides for the recognition of heroes and establishes criteria for the identification, selection and honouring of national heroes. It also provides for the categories of heroes and the establishment of the National Heroes Council.


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