Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga has lashed out at President Yoweri Museveni to stay away from Kenyan Politics.

Speaking in Kiswahili at the celeberations to mark Kenya’s 50th Independence President Museveni’ hailed Kenyans for refusing to be influenced by foreigners, turned his guns on President Museveni.

“I have no side in your internal matters … I wish all Kenyans well, [but] I am congratulating you for the way you voted in the past elections, after some people instructed you to vote in a certain way,” Museveni said.

President Museveni remarks angered Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga describing them as reckless.

As the observer reports “Museveni should stop meddling in Kenya’s affairs and should concentrate on problems affecting Ugandans,” Odinga said during a funeral at Budalang’i in the western Kenyan district of Busia last weekend.

“A very irresponsible statement was made during the 50th Independence anniversary; a very solemn function. That Kenyans voted against imperial dictation, that Kenyans rejected what they were being asked to do at the polls, and even likened this election to a second Mau Mau revolution, implying that those people who were running those elections were being sponsored by some foreign power,” Odinga told Kenya’s Citizen TV on Saturday.

“I really want to urge the Ugandan president to desist from interfering in the internal affairs of Kenya. Kenyans know what they want, they know their leaders and they vote in accordance to their choices. They don’t need any kind of advice from President Yoweri Museveni,” Odinga said.


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