BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI– Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) Commissioner General, Domitien Ndihokubwayo, has announced that they have put in place parameters to increase the revenue  collection with a target of 2015 of BIF 720.8 billion (about $452m) compared to BIF 655.6 billion ($411m) collected in 2014.

“We are determined to recover the outstanding BIF 44.6 billion, to convince 5 000 taxpayers among 14 000 taxpayers identified in 2014 to pay regularly their taxes and treat and close 72 cases of customs’ survey, these factors show us that we will achieve our target in 2015,” he added.

According to the fourth quarterly report from October to December 2014, the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) collected BIF 191.3 billion, which exceeds the forecasted 176.7 billion and the BIF 138.1 billion collected in 2013.

“We can confirm that the results of the fourth quarter 2014 are satisfactory with a rate of the realisation of 108. 3% which shows an increase of BIF 14.6 billion,” he told Iwacu newspaper, a local daily.

The amount of VAT collected during the period from October to December 2014 (the fourth quarter) is estimated at BIF 63.2 billion and higher than the expected forecast of 2.3 billion.

The authority’s director of planning and survey Martine Nibasumba attributed the success to the lower fuel prices, the VAT rate of 18% and excise duties (of BIF 4 billion) that were paid during the last quarter. “So, many taxpayers have paid the VAT which has increased the tax collection revenue. Then, if the price of fuel goes up, the State makes the subsidies,” says Nibasumba.

Moreover, the positive performance is also caused by the payment of the telecommunication licence which is paid twice yearly -April and October – which increased the non-tax revenues by another BIF 30 billion.

The commitment of the OBR administration to struggle against fraud and corruption has also increased the tax collection revenue all along the year.

Ms. Nibasumba notes that the target of applying zero tolerance to corruption and the fight against fraud, amounting to BIF 438.9 million has been recovered thanks to seizures carried out by the Unit for Rapid Intervention by reporting BIF 33.9 million while investigations have allowed to recover BIF 17.7 million. The discoveries of false statements and lower price of clearing by the Commissioner of Customs and Excise reported BIF 345.1 million.


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