PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) revealed that Africa’s transport and logistics sector can be driven by important in Infrastructures by key African countries to more than 3 per cent yearly.

The PwC report titled: “Africa Gearing up: Future Prospects in Africa for the Transportation & Logistics Industry”, stated that a new understanding in Africa is that to attract investors and facilitate growth of business, even for the locals, transport and logistics industry must be well developed, and fast too.

According to the report, transport and logistics are the industries to watch, as regional economies seek to grow trade and ease dependence on external assistance. Countries like South Africa, Nigeria and few others have been growing their transport sector rapidly in line with the global best practices.

“Africa probably isn’t the best destination for companies, just looking for quick revenue boosts. The continent needs better transport infrastructure, more connectivity across borders and an improved business environment to reach its potential,” the report said.

Bringing infrastructure up in countries like Kenya to the level of the region’s middle income countries, like Egypt and Nigeria, could boost yearly growth by more than three per cent points. This is why the East African countries that is Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda last year jointly launched key infrastructure projects to speed up movement of goods across the region. Last year, the three countries launched a $13.8 billion standard gauge railway line that will run from Kenya to Rwanda through Uganda after commissioning expansion of Mombasa port.

An EAC inter governmental study released last year, estimated that it would cost the member states $3.4 billion over the next four years to finance 43 critical infrastructure projects to bridge the gap.


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